The STEM Pedagogy Institute

SPI SUMMER INSTITUTE: June 27-29th (mode tbd).
SPI FALL INSTITUTE: Bi-weekly meetings (time, dates, and mode tbd).

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With support from New York City’s Tech Talent Pipeline, the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at the CUNY Graduate Center is hosting The STEM Pedagogy Institute (SPI) in 2022. The SPI will bring together dozens of faculty and graduate student instructors from various STEM disciplines with TLC staff to examine, develop, and implement inclusive and employment-focused teaching strategies in STEM courses at all levels across CUNY. Drawing upon the latest scholarship on inclusive and culturally-responsive practices in STEM education, the SPI will feature workshops, seminars, co-working sessions, networking partnerships, and a speaker series that helps SPI Faculty Fellows better understand the racial and gendered inequalities of the college to career pipeline; improve the sense of belonging and confidence in future STEM careers felt by Black, Latinx, indigenous, and female students; integrate mentorship, early research, and experiential learning opportunities into course work; and foster the collaborative learning that helps with student retention. The curriculum will focus on how to combine career preparation, culturally-inclusive pedagogies, and cross-domain thinking with technical training, and will draw upon the strengths of CUNY undergraduates in ways that help them imagine a variety of career pathways. By the conclusion of the Institute, SPI Faculty Fellows will be positioned to become advocates for inclusive STEM pedagogy in their departments and at their colleges.