Research Approaches

The role of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in our society facing injustices on individual, local and global levels is an impartial informant. According to a 2021 National Science Board report on the STEM labor force, ethnic, racial, and gender minorities remain underrepresented across STEM occupations. Specific pedagogical approaches can help underrepresented groups develop deeper connections to STEM inquiry and more clearly imagine the various futures made possible by that training. Therefore, STEM Pedagogy Institute aims to research, design, and sustain transformative classroom practices through critical engagement. We are committed to interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration with researchers, faculty fellows, and instructors within STEM disciplines and beyond. As such, we will bring together STEM Pedagogy Fellows to engineer productive conversations around equity-oriented education. We aim to deepen our understanding of inclusive pedagogy by shifting from a focus of research on the barriers to an account of how these practices could build fruitful learning communities for educators and opportunities for students beyond classrooms.