All curricular materials prepared for the Institute are shared as open educational resources below.

Summer Institute Lesson Plans

In June 2022, SPI Fellows began their exploration of inclusive and employment-focused teaching practices. They participated in various activities, including panels and workshops featuring representatives from non-governmental organizations and businesses in New York City, CUNY students, and science education scholars. These activities are followed by incubator meetings where fellows gather, reflect, and work together. Here you can find the schedule and presentations. We also share the lesson plans for incubator meetings as openly licensed resources. You can find the details below.

Day 1

Incubator 1: Goal-Setting

In this introductory meeting, we lay the foundation for the institute and the following activities in the fall. Fellows get to know each other and the facilitators. They collectively work on setting goals and areas that they want to focus on throughout the SPI.

Incubator 2: End-of-day Reflection

In the second meeting, we reflect on the panel discussions and what we can do to improve inclusive and employment-focused practices. We also talk about the ways we can address students’ needs and expectations. 

Day 2

Incubator 3: Reflection-Connection-Problematization

In this meeting, we reflect collectively on the morning workshop and answer questions that may arise as a result of the workshop activities. We critically examine our previous instructional practices that might have connections to pedagogical principles discussed in the workshop. Finally, we identify ways to incorporate them into our classrooms.

Incubator 4: STEM Education for Social Transformation

In this meeting, we share our vision and dreams for postsecondary STEM education as a tool for social transformation. We reflect on the panel discussion, and find connections with our teaching practices. Then, we critically examine a syllabus and how they support engaged student learning. 

Day 3

Incubator 5: Active Learning isn’t enough!

During the morning of our final day, SPI fellows participated in a workshop focusing on equity-oriented active learning. They had the chance to review relevant research and examine models. In this incubator, we collectively reflect on incorporating inclusive practices to maintain an engaged learning environment. We develop strategies to plan, implement and assess equitable active pedagogies.

Incubator 6: Moving Forward

In this final meeting, we come together to reflect on the summer institute, discuss our goals for the next semester, and identify strategies to implement those goals.

Fall Incubator Lesson Plans

In Fall 2022, we continued to meet regularly to share reflections from the field, their experiences, and questions. In addition, we designed the lesson plans to address the needs of fellows regarding inclusive and employment-focused teaching practices.

Community Science

CS_Fall2022_Incubator Plans

Computational Methods

CM_Fall2022_Incubator Plans

Early Research Immersion

ERI_Fall2022_Incubator Plans

Additional Resources

Reading List

After launching the institute, we also curated a reading list for the fellows. The list includes foundational texts on inclusion for postsecondary STEM educators and researchers and more focused readings on the incubator themes.

Teaching Guide

As a response to feedback we gathered from the institute participant, we prepared a guide drawn from multiple disciplines designed to support equity-oriented, employment-focused instruction. You can find it here, besides the blog post published on Visible Pedagogy.